Friday, March 11, 2011

Kamalahassan buys new Audi A8 luxury car:

Universal hero and kadhal mannan of tamil cinema Kamalahassan recently bought himself a luxury Audi brand A8 car. Looks like Kamal is thrilled with his new luxury car fitted with 10.2 inch LCD screen, 6 CD changers, 2 DVD players and 60 GB juke box. The Audi A8 has also inbuilt stock-all refrigerator for long family drivers.

This is the latest talk in the kodambakkam...

Surya and Jothika Appearing in New Ad:

Surya and Jothika the lovely couple in tamil cinema was recently spotted in cozy mood under lights in a plush bungalow. This is for a famous commercial to be aired across entire south india and not only for tamil cinema audience. Jothika is staying away from cameras and keeping low profile these days and she is spending quality time with her children Diya and Dev.

Good to see Jo in screen again :)